I was idling around Williamsburg in January 2014 and found this grand old plastic-lettered liquor store sign at Rodney (named for Caesar Rodney, the president of Delaware — before the Constitution was adopted, states had presidents) and South 4th Streets.

Looks like I arrived just in time as this specter of Williamsburg’s pre-trust fund wild and woolly days was gone in a matter of months. That’s why I always have a camera with me.


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One Response to MANNY’S LIQUORS AND WINES, Williamsburg

  1. John Shea says:

    Caesar Rodney was also known as a sort of Paul Revere of Delaware. During the vote for independence in Philadelphia, Rodney was advised that there was a deadlock whereupon he rode thru the night to Philadelphia to cast his vote. This event is commemorated on the 1999 Delaware State Quarter.

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