RAGU, Tribeca

I can’t believe I have ignored this painted ad for Ragú spaghetti sauce on the side of a restaurant on 6th Avenue between White and Walker Streets in Tribeca until now. It’s probably because Ragú remains among the best selling mass market tomato sauces in the country. In Italy, ragu has long been a generic term for meat sauces with  a tomato base, and both ragu and the French ragoût (stew) come from a French term “to add flavor.” The sauce company was founded by Italian immigrants Giovanni and Assunta Cantisano in 1937.


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  1. Ian M. says:

    I used to work right by there on N. Moore St. and would pass the pharmacy from time to time, but I never noticed that Ragu sign. Hell, I never really noticed any ghost signs at all until I began reading this blog. I’ll have to be more attentive next time I’m walking anywhere.

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