ALBANY CRESCENT, Kingsbridge Heights

by Kevin Walsh

Albany Crescent is a C-shaped road that runs from Kingsbridge Terrace southwest, west and finally northeast to Bailey Avenue and West 233rd Street, in fact curving right over the Major Deegan Expressway — when engineers laid out the Deegan, the crescent was left intact.


The curving route is a remnant of the colonial-era Albany Post Road. Another short remnant can be found a mile or two away, off West 254th Street near Broadway in Riverdale.


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therealguyfaux April 9, 2013 - 6:24 pm

At the southeast corner of W 231st St and Albany Crescent is an old Irish bar, from the heyday of the Kingsbridge area being awash in ’em, so to speak (the 60’s that I can remember, clear through to about 1990), called the Piper’s Kilt, which is actually one of a “chain” of three such PK’s, one on Broadway at W 207th St, one in Eastchester, NY (the town in Westchester) on White Plains Rd, and the one at Albany and 231st (to avoid any confusion as to whether anyone thinks it may have moved) Lest you think I’m shilling for them, the reason I bring them up is that every now and again a documentary, which was filmed in there, surfaces on the community channels or NYC-TV, from the mid-80’s, predicting the eventual demise of the tavern, in the then near-future. While just about all other of such establishments nearby have passed into memory, and only one has opened since the turn of the century, PK is still going strong in 2013. The reports of its imminent death 25+ years ago were greatly exaggerated, to say the least. I grew up around there and I go by quite often (but I don’t stop in– I don’t drink, and their food is a bit pricey for me), so I can vouch for that.


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