by Kevin Walsh

Forgotten New York correspondent

If you live in NYC, you know that construction is ever present.  If you don’t believe that concept, take a stroll around Downtown Brooklyn or its surrounding neighborhoods.  It seems that every possible empty lot, regardless of depth or width,  has been coveted by developers to construct new residential buildings.

But for FNY, new construction has been a positive force.  For almost every new  construction, demolition is necessary.

I have taken many pictures of long hidden signs that again have seen  the light of day from demolition that have been chronicled in FNY.  These signs are usually well preserved due to their lack of exposure to the sun or seasonal elements.

Anytime I pass a demolition  site, I’m like a hawk when it comes to looking for  old signs being revealed  due to demolition.

My vigilance paid a dividend that I will share with you FNY fans.

I was driving west on Kings Highway, passing E. 16th Street  in Midwood, Brooklyn in the early AM on July 11th, when I saw this sign while stopping for a red light.  Since it was still dark, a good  picture would have been impossible to  take.  However, I did return later in the afternoon to get this shot.

It’s difficult to discern what the sign says except that you can see “Realty” and a phone number, ” Midwood 2100″.

Can anyone make out the type on the top of the ad? It looks much older.


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