by Kevin Walsh

Jason Antos recently snapped this photo of a near-pristine Coca-Cola ad at 23-08 Jackson Avenue near the #7 train overpass; the Court Square station is nearby. The ad is from the early 20th Century but it’s hard to pinpoint the year, because Coca-Cola settled on this swashy logo approximately a century ago and has stuck with it since then. The beverage company, established in 1887, has rendered its name in “Spencerian Script” since the very beginning, with some tweaks here and there, and variants in other aspects of the logo. There are a pair of painted ads above this Coca-Cola ad that have faded into illegibility.

A protective fence has now been erected around the rubble of the torn-down building that revealed the painted ad, so viewing it now ill be nearly impossible, and sooner or later, a new building will hide it again.

Photographer Jason Antos is the author of multiple books concerning Queens, including ones on Whitestone, Corona, and Shea Stadium. A few years ago, he beat your webmaster at Queens Jeopardy! at Neir’s Tavern in Woodhaven when he hit a pair of Daily Doubles. I never win the big one.

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