The last two working versions of New York City’s “Wheelies,” the long-armed stoplights with the auto wheel motif first introduced in the mid-1920s, have been denuded and emasculated. They still stand on East 46th and Park Avenue at Grand Central Terminal, but they now have no practical use.

Their function superceded by a modern guy-wired stoplight mounted on a nearby lamppost, they exist now as fancy holders for one-way signs.

Undoubtedly the Department of Transportation would love to tear them down, and has wanted to for years, but they have NYC Landmarks protection.

But the City is making darn sure they have nothing to do, like transgressing teachers in the “rubber room” because they can’t be fired.


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3 Responses to WHEELIES AT HEEL

  1. roger_the_shrubber says:

    No practical use?

    They’re good for holding up ‘one way’ street signs.

    Bureaucrats instinctively seem to hate anything with character or aesthetic appeal.

  2. Corinne troiano says:

    Beauty is its own excuse for being~Ralph Waldo Emerson

  3. chris says:

    My old NYPD traffic div. patch still got a “wheelie”,
    and no ones going to take it away from me

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