Forgotten NY has appeared in all three of NYC’s daily papers over the years, in articles about the website and the book and also articles written by me. I once appeared “above the fold” in the New York Times — below the fold were Times stalwarts Paul Krugman and David Brooks! 

Here’s a cover story I did for the NY Daily News on May 1, 2005 about “faded ads” on old buildings.  Of the ads depicted the one for Bogen Sound Systems, on 9th Avenue and West 13th in the Meatpacking on the same building where the Spice Market restaurant is on the ground floor, has faded even more since 2005. The spectacular Reckitt’s Blue laundry soap ad on Washington Avenue and Dean Street on the Clinton Hill-Bedford-Stuyvesant border has sadly been hidden behind a new building. 

The WABC Musicradio ad from circa 1977 is still on the side of a building on St. Nicholas Avenue just south of West 145th Street (WABC played top 40 hits between 1960 and 1982) and the large Omega Oil ad, for an all-purpose linament, still appears between West 147th and 148th Streets east of Frederick Douglass Boulevard. It too has begun to fade in the sun after nine decades. This shot is difficult to acquire depending on how lenient the cops from the nearby police precinct are about letting you shoot from their parking lot.

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3 Responses to FNY IN THE DAILY NEWS

  1. Kevin says:

    Back in the ’90’s a “ghost” appeared near the 125 street Metro North Station it said “who’s your hatter” Callaghan on the Bowery! Asked about it in the NYT and they published a reply.

  2. Ronald Tyburski says:

    Could you put that article you did for the News on this web site in the near future? I’m new to this site and would love to see it in all it’s glory, or is it the property of the News and you can’t reprint it?

  3. Jeff B. says:

    Bogen / Bogen-Presto had a factory at Rt 4 eastbound and Forest Av, Paramus, for years starting in 1940. Drove by it countless times. The Buildings are gone, they are now a ShopRite parking lot.

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