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    September 18, 2004

    FORGOTTEN NEW YORK hasn’t been to the Bronx nearly as much as it should have been, and we’ll see if time can correct the error. Meanwhile, we’ll depend this week on two of FNY’s more voluminous contributors, Gary of the MTA and Christina, the Queen of Queens who is touring the Bronx on this occasion, for […]

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    August 6, 2000

    I’ve slowly come to the realization that Forgotten is woefully deficient as far as the Bronx, the only borough on the mainland, is concerned. And that’s ironic, since the Bronx, street for street, probably contains more ancient mural ads than any other borough. It’s no secret that large parts of the Bronx have been slow to […]

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    May 11, 1998

    Ads for this children’s stomach remedy can be found all over the five boroughs. Most date back to the Teens or Twenties. Charles H. Fletcher began selling his Castoria, a mild stomach remedy for children, in 1871. The medicine was heavily promoted on ads and billboards in the late 1800s and early part of the 20th […]

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